INCS-14 retains following information.

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Home Address or Employer Address
  • Employer Name
  • Preferred Email Address
  • Home Phone Number, Work Phone Number or Mobile Phone Number
  • Current Employment Status
  • Gender
  • Job Title
  • Institution Type
  • Education Level
  • Education Facility Name
  • Education Facility Address
  • Academic Status
  • Current Student Status
  • Expected Graduation Date
  • Graduation date
  • Taxonomic Interests
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Biography
  • Special Category Data

We never use the information above except for administrative necessary for ICNS-14, e.g. for official contact, support, questionnaires. ICNS-14 comply Japanese laws related to Private-information protection, and make efforts to preventing from manipulation, leak, and unauthorized access.